Tom Wales

Age 48 , Washington

Tom Wales was a friend and public servant who was taken from us all very suddenly. But more than that he was a person who modeled deep commitment to the Greater Seattle community. As a federal prosecutor he faced tough choices and challenging opposition.

Yet he did what he felt was right by advocating for a safer society and giving his time and energy without hesitation.

The fact that his brutal murder remains unsolved and that federal law enforcement agencies seem not to have remained focused on his case adds frustration to our sadness. Meantime Congress does little but add fuel to the paranoia of the gun lobby.

Are our communities safer for such easy access to killing weapons? If Tom Wales was still with us, he would not only be outraged, but he would be calling all his friends and colleagues demanding they be active on gun safety and mental health legislation and community action.

I only hope for the sake of our children and grandchildren that we can bring public consciousness back from the insanity of concealed handguns on college campuses, churches, and other public buildings.

Larry JacobsonTom Wales

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  • Larry J - April 22, 2016 reply

    Only the most fearful and hateful really believe that having guns everywhere makes anyone safer!

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