Peter Verge

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Age 18 , California

Peter’s first love was surfing. Peter and his friends would leave the house at the crack of dawn and they would surf almost every day. Peter worked as a box boy at Vons Supermarket in Santa Monica. Peter was a happy and easy going 18-year-old who lived life to the fullest. He crammed a lot of living into 18 years. He was working to move to Hawaii so he could surf the best waves. His life was taken 2 weeks before Christmas by a 33-year-old attorney who was a graduate of UC Berkeley Boalt Law School.

The man who killed Peter was sent to prison after a lengthy trial. The trial was very difficult on our family but looking back, I realize that it gave us some form of justice. My heart goes out to those families who do not know who killed their loved one. I found out the man who killed my brother was out of prison when I picked up his medical record from the discharge shelf at the local hospital where I worked. Thankfully there are better laws now to notify the family. The positive outcome of this tragedy is that I have worked with some amazing people in the gun violence prevention movement and our family is much closer. I volunteer for Brady Campaign so that other families will never have suffer the pain that we have had to endure.

From Suzanne Verge, his sister

buy remembrance bracelet  Buy a bracelet in honor of Peter Verge
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