Cortez “Poppie” Bailey

Age 23 , Illinois

Cortez “Poppie” Bailey, my only son, was executed on the street in broad day light…while others stood and watched on June 26, 2013. Cortez was killed in the same neighborhood where he was born and raised. Cortez loved his family and friends……but just didn’t know that everyone in your circle isn’t your friend. Cortez liked to spend time with his so-called friends and loved to visit with his family. Cortez got his GED but never knew it….it came after he was killed. I have many memories of my son but his smile stays with me the most. We celebrate his life all of the time. This journey is so difficult and overwhelming…..It has changed me and my family’s life forever. Cortez has 2 siblings, 2 small nephews and 3 nieces. They have ups and downs on a regular basis. Me and his grandmother just can’t wrap our minds around our boy being gone. We thank God for the strength that he gives us daily. Cortez is Forever 23. No one will ID the killer and today his case is unsolved.

Miyoshia BaileyCortez “Poppie” Bailey

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