Morris Scott Stein

Age 19 , Florida

My beautiful son, Morris, was killed in his college apartment less than 2 months after leaving home for school. A roommate who had been one of his best childhood friends bought a shotgun at a Tallahassee gun show and was walking around the apartment with it when it discharged. My son was the kind of guy anyone would want for their daughter. Bright, gifted and kind, his plan was to be an entrepreneur, move to Colorado and harvest windmill energy. He had asked me if I would come live on the property and help raise his kids. If you read the last essay he wrote on the appropriate use of power you’ll get an idea of the magnitude of the loss to this world… It’s posted on the site for the foundation created in his memory further causes he championed like the environment; animal rescue; tolerance and diversity; and, sadly, gun safety. I have a petition online for safety instruction before gun ownership. I hope to pass a law requiring this and hope you will sign.

Robin SteinMorris Scott Stein

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