Matthew Tagle

Age 36 , Tennessee

My brother Matthew was a funny, hard working and a very loyal person.  Growing up, he was the best big brother a sister could ask for, he was always there for me, he always drove my friends and I anywhere we wanted to go.  When he got married to his wife, he became more estranged and isolated from our family.  We knew he worked very hard being a real estate agent and worked many long hours being the sole provider for his wife and daughter.  He became very overwhelmed with medical bills from an illness his wife had and despite working so hard, he was unable to keep up with his mortgage payments.  While his wife was giving his 2 yr old daughter a bath one evening, he neatly stacked all of the past due bills on his desk with his computer screen open.  He walked into the bathroom and handed his wife 2 sealed envelopes and told her not to open them until the next morning.  They had been arguing prior to his suicide.  He shot himself the next morning with his wife and daughter in the next room.  Our family misses Matt very much and not a day goes by he is not in our thoughts.  He would have been the fun and funny Uncle Matt to my four children and that can never be replaced.  We don’t talk about him often because it is still very painful, I am not able to talk about him without crying and wish he was in my life again each and everyday. My father read the letters my brother left in those envelopes, he said they were written by someone with a very broken spirit. At a time in his life when he was in deep despair he was able to go into his father-in-law’s home, take an unsecured hand gun, and bring it home where he used it to take his own life. The old man never knew it was missing until the police showed it to him. He might just as well have pulled the trigger himself.

Catherine ChaniceMatthew Tagle

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  • brian kleiner - June 8, 2016 reply

    I only knew the happy ,athletic, and musically talented Matt. Even now reading this short bio its hard to believe how bad things must have gotten for him.

    I think of Matt like he is family and wish I was able to help.

  • Cara Pipia - June 9, 2016 reply

    Matt was a true diamond in the rough. Although his friendship with my brother fizzled off after high school, that never stopped him from dropping in at my parents to say a quick hello. Poor Matt could never leave without my mom making him play a few tunes. Even on my old out of tune giveaway piano his music was something out of heaven. He inspired me every time. Kind, gentle, nurturing and yes funny. I find myself in tears each time I think of him. I am positive he is watching over your family Catherine. Love you catherin and Love and miss you ole buddy xoxo

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