Laura Wilcox [LW 19]

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Age 19 , California

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In January 2001, the world was forever diminished by the loss of an incredible young woman – my only daughter, Laura.

Laura was home on winter break from college and filling in as a receptionist at the Nevada County Behavioral Health Clinic when a client with severe mental illness walked in and opened fire with a semiautomatic handgun. He shot Laura four times at point blank range. She died instantly.

Laura had extraordinary capabilities, kindness and spirit. She was an outstanding student, graduating as high school valedictorian, and was extremely organized, disciplined and motivated. She had boundless energy. She lived life fully as she danced through her days. She touched and inspired everyone she met. Her strong sense of compassion, respect, and justice were beyond her years.  She was already living a life full of service, she wanted to make a positive difference in the world…she had unlimited possibilities and the brightest of prospects.  All of this ended in an instant because a dangerous person had easy access to a gun. Her love and her light will never be forgotten.

buy remembrance bracelet   Buy bracelet in honor of Laura

buy remembrance bracelet  Buy a bracelet in honor of Laura Wilcox [LW 19]
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  • Jim Casci - March 4, 2016 reply

    I remember this sad story every year since it happened. I was the second or third LE officer to arrive at this scene of senseless death. I wish to express my condolences to the family, it was one of the darkest days in my 27+ year career. A feeling of hopelessness engulfed many of us who were there and dealt with the situation. I am thankful that there were not more deaths that day, there certainly could have been, but it does not diminish those lives that were taken. I wish I could have done more that day to have eased your pain. My thoughts are with you, I know I can never truly experience your loss of that day in January 2001.

    Respectfully, Jim

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