Kendal Fenwick

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Age 24 , Maryland

Kendal Fenwick was only one of 344 murders in Baltimore in 2015 but he will never, ever be forgotten. Kendal was a single father of 3, raising his children in a neighborhood rife with drug dealing. Kendal came from a tight, loving family and he was providing that for his children. He loved taking his children to the park, hosting birthday parties and just playing with them. Kendal had been building a fence so that his children had a safe yard where they could play. On the evening of 11/9/15, just 1 week after his 24th birthday, Kendall was fixing dinner for his children and on the telephone with his father who was on his way over. Kendal ran out to his car to grab something from his glove compartment when he was shot. Instead of running towards his house for safety, he ran in the other direction so that the shooter would not get to his children. His life was stolen from his children, parents, sister, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors and from our city on that night. I feel cheated that I never met Kendal. He was one of the strong ones, working to improve his home, neighborhood and Baltimore City. I hear that he loved to decorate and to entertain his family and friends at his home. I’ve learned that he had a very outgoing spirit and he loved to make people laugh. He mentored people without judgment and always had uplifting words. I feel that there is an emptiness in this city which no one will be able to fill. Certainly no one will be able to fill his shoes to his family.

As residents, the city pulled together and we went to finish Kendal’s fence. People came from everywhere – the neighborhood, other parts of the city, Baltimore Police Department, the police commissioner, local politicians, 300 Men group – we all worked side by side to #finishthefence and we mourned. There was a street naming ceremony so that block will always be named after him. He was unique, beautiful, kind, loving and even though I didn’t know him in life, thoughts of him and such a great loss make me cry.

buy remembrance bracelet  Buy a bracelet in honor of Kendal Fenwick
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