Bruce Randall Parton

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Age 60 , Florida

Bruce Randall Parton, 60, was shot and killed as he delivered mail to the Monte Carlo apartment complex in northwest Miami. Pikerson Mentor and his accomplice Saubnet Politesse stole the victim’s U.S Postal master key, called an Arrow Key, and the keys to Bruce’s postal truck. Postal keys are used by letter carriers to access mailboxes. Witnesses heard two shots at the scene, and saw the defendant fleeing the apartment complex in the Bruce’s stolen mail truck. Witnesses explained how the defendants used the stolen master key to enter mailboxes to steal private financial and personal identification information and to intercept debit cards loaded with fraudulently obtained tax refunds.

Bruce was born March 8, 1950, in Hicksville, New York. His parents were the late Ruth Dahl and Lt. Col. Howard Parton. He was one of six brothers. He had a wife, a daughter, son, a teenage stepson, and two grandchildren. He was months away from being able to retire, and loved to talk about visiting the Catskill Mountains again when he retired.

Bruce graduated college with a B.A. degree in marine biology in Ocala, Florida. He moved to Miami, Florida, in 1977. He became a mail carrier with the US Postal Service in 1981. Bruce was an avid gardener, especially with orchids. He was always helping family, especially his late father, and his neighbors, with their landscaping. He also enjoyed working on a freshwater aquarium with his children. His family, neighbors, friends, customers, are so sad losing the most loving, caring friendly gentleman. Bruce was a loving father, husband, friend, neighbor, and worker, with a smile for everyone. An eternal optimist, he would always say, “Keep a positive attitude.”

Memorial contributions may be made in Bruce’s name to the Jackson Memorial Transplant Center.

buy remembrance bracelet  Buy a bracelet in honor of Bruce Randall Parton
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