Blair D. Holt

Age 16 , Illinois

My 16-year-old son had just gotten out of Percy L. Julian high school and boarded a public bus headed to his grandparents’ grocery store to work, when a teenager with a gun boarded the bus. The bus was crowded with teenagers and adults on it. The teenager began firing towards the back of the bus, shooting five innocent teenagers. Blair was fatally wounded and saved a young lady’s life. The other four teenagers had various injuries., and were traumatically affected. The gunman was trying to shoot a rival gang member at the back of the bus. The gunman was 16 at the time May 10, 2007. This has forever changed my life and it will never be the same. Blair was our only child, he was a good, loving and respectable human being. He was a honor student, handsome, talented and humble. He wanted to attend Clark Atlanta University and get a degree in Business, then form a record company. The last words that we exchanged that day when I dropped him off at school were “Do Good” and “I love you”. HE DID GOOD. My hero, the love of my life.

Annette Nance HoltBlair D. Holt

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