Barbara Lund

Age 55 , Minnesota

Barbara was a beautiful, spirited, intelligent, vivacious, adventurous and loving woman. She was a pilot, an artist, a tennis player, a biker and not afraid of any challenges. She was in a 22-year-long second marriage that ended badly. Her estranged husband resisted divorce proceedings for 3 years and harassed her, which prompted Barbara to file a restraining order. Meanwhile, Barbara tried to move on with her life and find happiness in a new relationship. On August 5, 1992, she delivered papers to her estranged husband’s home, bringing her boyfriend with her for support. They were somehow convinced to enter the house, where they were shot dead with one of the guns that he had hidden inside. Barbara left behind 3 sons and 3 step-children, all of whom she loved dearly. She never got to meet her grandchildren. It has been 23 long years without her, and her family and friends still miss her every day.  I have dedicated my life to preventing others from suffering the same pain and loss I felt. I relive the heartache of losing my sister after every mass shooting or news story of a child, mother, father, sibling or friend shot and killed.

bradyBarbara Lund

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