Albert Andrew Spencer Jr.

Age 20 , Arkansas

My son Albert met his untimely death when he and a friend were visiting at an apartment complex in Memphis in 2013. Gunshots were fired out of nowhere and hit both of them who were then rushed to Regional One. Spencer , 20, an innocent bystander on the balcony and unintended target, was pronounced brain-dead after five days. He was a 2011 graduate of Southwind High school and attended college at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Albert, engaged to his high school sweet Latisha Edwards, was employee at FedEx, and had recently been promoted to Team Leader. He also had just been accepted to the nursing program at Phillips Community College in Helena, Arkansas . My son Albert was a kind and sweet person he would give you his shirt off his back. But through his death he saved eight lives . Albert became a organ donor when he first received his driving license in April of 2012. I now have developed a non-profit organization called Colors For A Cause which raises awareness about gun violence and organ donations. It’s my own going mission to save as many lives as I can. Also since then I have published a book with Albert’s writing along with my own .The book is called Tears Of The Heart by Viola Speed Turner and Albert Andrew Spencer Jr. I released this book to bring hope and healing to the heart of many mothers.

Viola TurnerAlbert Andrew Spencer Jr.

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