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The #ENOUGH Bracelet

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is partnering with MyIntent to create commemorative, hand-crafted bracelets to honor those who have been lost to gun violence or who have been shot and survived.

We are bringing the conversation about gun violence back to the human costs. Each of these hand-crafted bracelets represents a public call for an end the gun violence epidemic in this country. Order a bracelet and join us in saying #ENOUGH.

The Bracelet is made of Brass and waxed nylon. The engraving is handmade by the MyIntent team in Los Angeles California.

Buy #ENOUGH Bracelet  Buy #ENOUGH Bracelet

Custom Engraved Bracelet

First, share your story about your experience with gun violence, then create a personalized unique bracelet to honor someone who has been lost or wounded. Order an engraved bracelet with their initials and age at the time of the shooting.

Buy a Bracelet in Someone's Honor  Buy a Bracelet in Someone’s Honor

Featured Bracelets

By wearing and sharing the featured stories of those we have lost, you can help us celebrate and honor their lives. Brady & MyIntent have selected five powerful stories of victims killed by gun violence and have created engraved bracelets in their honor.

Select a story and wear a bracelet to honor one of these five victims:

Alex C. Teves

Read Alex’s Story

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Akeal Christopher

Read Akeal’s Story

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Alison Parker

Read Alison’s Story

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Tyesa Abney Cherry

Read Tyesa’s Story

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Laura Wilcox

Read Laura’s Story

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